Controlsa 104SF High Speed Door

Controlsa by Chase Doors low temp, high speed doors combine superior manufacturing and engineering processes that far surpass the demanding requirements of cold storage and distribution facilities. Heated side frames and header virtually eliminate condensation and frost build-up, provide a tight seal and automatic panel re-insertion, all at fast opening / closing speeds.

Low Temp Self-Repairable Panel Design

The 104SF door curtain is constructed of a proprietary 60 mil material that inhibits freezing to the floor surface and features a soft bottom dual seal providing, superior thermal performance. All of our high speed doors feature an exclusive patented frame and integral guide system that will allow the panel when impacted, to slip out of the frame, and simply reengage itself with the push of a button. This self-repairable guide and panel design means reliable, trouble-free performance while reducing both downtime and expensive repairs.

Drive System

The 104SF utilizes a PLC Controller and Frequency Inverter, allowing for customization in a highly functional door control system. Pre-programmed acceleration and deceleration provides soft start and stop, insuring smooth operation and reducing wear and tear caused by sudden start/stop in competitive models. Interlock, adjustable timer to close, and step control are all standard. Doors are available with opening speeds up to 47" per second, and closing speeds up to 23" per second. Doors can be activated using a variety of options including pull cords, push button stations, radio control, and motion detectors.

Electronic Safety Sensor

Our high speed doors feature a double bottom seam, eliminating rigid bottom bars. For added safety, the door has a patented electronic sensor system which will, upon impact with an object, automatically reverse the direction of the door, ensuring safety for vehicles and pedestrians while reducing downtime caused by impact.

Opening and Closing Speed

Variable, depending on the type and application of the door, as well as the dimensions thereof: Opening: Up to 47" per second, Closing: 15" to 23" per second.

Activation Options

  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cell
  • Motion Detector
  • Radio Transmitter / Receiver

Controlsa by Chase Doors High Speed Operator

The High Speed Operator provides field proven, safe, dependable operation. Our operator incorporates standard features including pre-wired motor and limit switches, variable speed operation with soft start/stop, a rotary limit switch, and a NEMA 4X control box. The soft start feature ensures smooth panel travel on startup, stop and reversing. The rotary limit switch is preset to 90% of travel at the factory reducing installation time and potential installation errors that can occur in the field. Plus, permanently lubricated components reduce troubleshooting and maintenance that is typical on many door systems.


  • A NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Opens up to 47 inches per second
  • Soft start/stop feature allows the operator to slow down at the end of the door’s travel adding life to the door system and provides an added measure of safety and reduced preventative maintenance
  • 230 volt single phase power
  • Pre-wired motor and limit switches
  • Pre-mounted thru-beams or light curtain
  • UL listed and labeled control panel


  • Vehicles
  • Forklift
  • Pedestrians


  • Cold Storage Environments
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
  • Distribution Centers

Available Colors

  • White

Available Frame Materials

  • Powder Coated Aluminum: Black or White
  • Stainless Steel