DuraShield Wire Mesh Security Door

Let natural sunlight and air in, but keep trespassers out with with the DuraShield aluminum or stainless steel wire mesh security door.

The DuraShield wire mesh security door is a cost effective way to provide ventilation and natural sunlight to buildings while maintaining a barrier from unwanted pedestrian traffic flow. All doors are custom built to the exact opening size.

Door Construction – Doors are constructed with 15 gauge aluminum with ½" coil wire mesh. 18 gauge aluminum with a ¼" coil, 16 gauge stainless steel with ½" coil or 19 gauge stainless steel with ¼" coil is available as an option.

Track System – Heavy duty extruded aluminum “C” channel guide track is 1.25" wide X 4" deep.

Draft Resistance and Horizontal Stability – Horizontal stiffeners are constructed with 3/4" fiberglass wind load rods and are inserted into specially constructed coils for horizontal stability, visibility and increased safety.

Bottom Bar – A solid bottom bar with a lock down system is standard.

Safety Strips – Safety yellow and black strips are standard on the interior edge of the panel.

Easy Installation and Operation – The door can be placed on the inside or outside of a building with in-jamb mounting, face-of-wall mounting or inside standoff mounting.

Roller Tube – The roller tube is 3" X 6" in diameter and is dependent upon the size of the door.

Motor Operation – All wire mesh doors come standard with in-tube motor for small doors or external motor for larger doors.

Options – Exterior wall mount protective hood is available option. Also available as an option is a lock down system with a solid bottom bar.


  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Warehouse Distribution


  • Temperature – Ambient
  • Moisture – None
  • Fire – Non-Rated
  • Corrosion – None

Type of Traffic


  • Security Lock

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