Durulite Retailer R25D

The Durulite Retailer R25D Insulated Impact Traffic Door is the FIRST  DOE Compliant traffic door in the industry. The R25D utilizes time-proven rotational molding technology and urethane foamed-in-place insulation, offering exceptional durability along with lightweight construction. Door panels are impervious to moisture penetration or panel separation. The Retailer R25D offers comparable insulation to latching cold storage doors, while reducing air infiltration. The door allows unimpeded passage, and closes immediately once the load is through the opening. Traffic doors also enhance productivity, offering additional cost savings over traditional cold storage doors. The panel can retain its properties to -40ºF and utilizes a CFC-Free urethane foam core. 


  • DOE Compliant
  • Panel durability is much greater than doors that are glued together and riveted together
  • V-Cam hinge system operates smoothly and is virtually maintenance free with its permanently lubricated needle bearing roller assembly
  • Constructed with 1/8” thick high-density rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin and CFC-Free urethane foam core that retains its properties to -40ºF
  • Overall panel thickness of 3-3/4”
  • Triple-pane gas-filled large polycarbonate vision panels are standard and available in four sizes
  • Foamed-in-place urethane insulation provides 30% to 40% greater insulation than styrene
  • Time-proven double acting V-Cam hinge system
  • NSF Certified
This door is designed and certified for use in walk-in cooler applications. The models and energy consumption rates listed below are the models certified as compliant with DOE standards and offered for sale. Energy consumption varies by model, and ranges from 0.3345 kWh/day to 1.1148 kWh/day.
Model Energy Consumption Model Energy Consumption
DUR25D-SGL-24X81 0.3345 kWh/day DUR25D-SGL-48X84 0.6937 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-24X84 0.3468 kWh/day DUR25D-SGL-48X96 0.4955 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-27X84 0.3902 kWh/day DUR25D-SGL-48X108 0.5574 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-30X84 0.4335 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-48X81 0.6689 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-30X90 0.4645 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-48X84 0.6937 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-30X96 0.4955 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-54X84 0.7804 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X78 0.4831 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-60X84 0.5419 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X81 0.5017 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-60X88.75 0.5726 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X84 0.5203 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-60X90 0.5806 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X88 0.545 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-60X96 0.6194 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X90 0.5574 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X78 0.6039 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X92 0.5698 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X84 0.6503 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X94 0.5822 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X88 0.6813 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X96 0.5946 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X90 0.6968 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X108 0.6689 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X92 0.7123 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36X114 0.7061 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X94 0.7277 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-36.25X95.5 0.5956 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X96 0.7432 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-37X84 0.5347 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X108 0.8361 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-38X84 0.5492 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-72X114 0.8826 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X80 0.5781 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-84X96 0.8671 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X84 0.607 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-84X114 1.0297 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X90 0.6503 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-84X120 1.0839 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X96 0.6937 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-96X84 0.8671 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X114 0.5148 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-96X96 0.991 kWh/day
DUR25D-SGL-42X120 0.5419 kWh/day DUR25D-PAIR-96X108 1.1148 kWh/day


  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Service
  • Warehouse Distribution


  • Temperature - Cooler
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - None

Type of Traffic

Available Colors

  • Beige

  • Black

  • Burgundy

  • Cadet Blue

  • Chocolate Brown

  • Cloud Gray

  • Forest Green

  • Jade

  • Medium Brown

  • Metallic Gray

  • Navy

  • Red

  • Royal Blue

  • Arctic White


  • Windows
  • Bumpers
  • Hinge Guard
  • Impact Plate
  • Push Plate and Pull Handle

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