Bug / Bird / Wire Mesh / Vinyl Roll-up and Sliding Door FAQ

Q. How large can you make the bug door, bird door, vinyl door and wire mesh doors?

A. We can make sliding bug, bird and solid vinyl doors up to 30’X15’, and roll up bug, bird and vinyl doors up to 20’X20’. Aluminum mesh security doors can be made up to 14’X14’. Stainless steel security doors can be made up to 10’X10’.

Q. For in jamb DuraShield doors how much side and headroom do you lose?

A. For roll up doors you lose ¾” of headroom per foot of door height and 4” on each side for the guide tracks. For sliders you lose 3-1/2” of headroom and about 15% of the opening width for stacking.

Q. How fast do the doors open?

A. Doors with external motors open at 15-18 inches per second. Doors with in tube motors open at 6-11 inches per second.

Q. How many cycles per hour can the DuraShield doors operate?

A. Doors with external motors 25 cycles per hour. Doors with in tube motors 4-8 cycles per hour depending on door size.

Q. Can you make a clear vinyl door?

A. Not completely. We offer windows in vinyl door at no extra charge. Every other panel in the door can be clear, but clear panels cannot be located next to each other. We can’t put windows in sliding doors.

Q. How hard is it to reinsert the wind bars if they are accidentally knocked out of the track?

A. It is very easy to reinsert the wind bars. Just manually insert the bottom wind bar in the track, then raise the door all the way up. When the door is lowered all wind bars will be back in place.

Q. What are the best uses for casing mount doors?

A. Casing mount doors are ideal for use on the exterior of buildings. The casing provides some protection for the guide tracks and can include an integral hood cover for weather protection. They are ideal for use with steel framed buildings and any situation where a self supporting door is required. Casing doors can be mounted side by side to fill large openings.

Q. How long does it take to install the average bug door, bird door, wire screen door or vinyl door?

A. 2.5 to 3 hours for an experienced installer.

Q. How are the edges and top sealed on an inside standoff installation.

A. Vinyl side panels and a brush seal are supplied with the door.

Q. What industries need insect doors?

A. Food Processors, Food Distribution, Packaging Companies, Baking Companies, Bottling Companies, Food Manufacturers, Animal Processors, Printing Companies, General Warehouses, General Manufacturing Plant, Pet Food Processors.

Q. What are the top uses for Vinyl Doors?

A. Low Cost Alternative to High Speed Doors, Cold Storage Area Doors, Dust Control, Humidity Control, Temperature Control, Overspray Control.