Cold Storage FAQ

Q. How do you measure a Cold Storage Door?

A. Under Door Basics see "How to Measure Your Opening"

Q. How much is a Cold Storage Door?

A. Depending on the application, a cold storage door can be as inexpensive as $650 or as high as $20,000.

Q. What should I consider when I purchase a Cold Storage Door?

A What is the opening size? (Width and Height of Opening)
What type of traffic will be going through the door?
What is the opening size in relation to the product passing through the opening?
What is the traffic flow pattern going through the opening?

Q. Why does traffic flow matter for a cooler door or freezer door opening?

A. The traffic flow pattern will:

  • Help determine the product to be used
  • Insures unimpeded travel
  • Insures that the installation is safe
  • Insures that the product will perform properly

Q. How wide of a load can go through the cooler box opening opening?

A. Depending on opening size the max load should be 2" less than that of your opening.

Q. What does egress mean?

A. The ability to exit an opening without obstruction.

Q. What does entrapment mean?

A. In relation to sliding doors, it is the ability to "move" a closed or stopped door in order to exit the area in an emergency.

Q. What is the voltage requirement for your operators?

A. Voltage options range from 115/1/60 to 460/3/60

Q. What is the voltage requirement for your heat cable?

A. 115-voltage

Q. Do we manufacture sliding fire rated cooler / freezer doors?

A. No, however we can provide a cooler / freezer door and we can provide a separate fire door.

Q. What is a Casing Mounted Door?

A. A "Casing Mounted" Door System is a door that includes a frame or set of casings or frames that mount to the wall. All of the door system components including the track, operator and gasketing mounts to the casings, with the exception of the swing door. Virtually all sliding cold storage doors and many swing doors are casing mounted.

Q. What does Mirror Casings mean?

A. Cold Storage Doors frequently mount to non-structural foam panel walls. In these installations, there is no structure to attach the door to. Mirror Casings are used to support the door system on the interior of the cooler box or freezer box. A Jamb Wrap can also be added to cover the jamb area between the casing and mirror casing to finish out the door frame.

Q. What is a Thru-Wall Casing?

A. In applications where the cold storage door is installed in a rough opening, thru-wall casings can be used to finish the opening. This type of casing wraps around the frame to create a finished opening on both sides of the wall, as well as the jamb.

Q. Are Freezer Doors heated on all four sides?

A. In Freezer Applications, heat is required around the perimeter of the door system to prevent icing and the panel “freezing shut” when not in use. Freezer Doors are equipped with a perimeter heat cable to prevent this freezing. The door panel is heated on all 4 sides. Swing doors are heated on 3 sides with optional bottom bar heat or heated threshold for the floor.

Q. How are the products packaged?

A. Custom packaging for each door insures safe arrival at the installation site. All ColdGuard Cold Storage Doors are quick and easy to install. All doors ship complete with a casing system, reducing installation time. Most components are pre-assembled, reducing field labor and eliminating potential installation errors. Motor operated doors are assembled and bench tested to insure maximum performance right out of the box.