Fiberglass FAQ

Q. What is your lead time for fiberglass door products?

A.Lead time is dependent on backlog. Generally 4-6 weeks is considered standard with quick ship available when necessary.

Q. Is your product suitable for washdown?

A. FIB-R-DOR FRP Door is excellent for washdown applications and is resistant to virtually all cleaning agents.

Q. How does price compare to Hollow Metal Steel doors?

A. The fiberglass door price is about 3 times that of steel. However the labor savings over time with virtually no maintenance or costly replacements of the corroded steel products make FIB-R-DOR the material of choice. How about Stainless Steel? Price is about 1/3 less than stainless steel with a more pleasing aesthetic appearance and fiberglass offers greater resistance too many harsh chemicals.

Q. Are fiberglass doors suitable for exterior applications?

A. Yes, from Alaska to Puerto Rico.

Q. Does FIB-R-DOR offer frames?

A.Yes, two standard fiberglass frame profiles and countless custom fabrications are available. Stainless steel frames are also available.

Q. Can hinge pattern of existing frames be matched?

A. Yes, FIB-R-DOR machines to custom locations and hinge sizes as required.

Q. What hardware can be supplied with your door?

A. Virtually all builder’s hardware is compatible with FIB-R-DOR. For specific out of the ordinary items check with factory.

Q. Do you supply hardware?

A. Yes, FIB-R-DOR stocks and supplies hardware when required.

Q. Are fire ratings available?

A.Yes, up to 90 minute UL fire ratings are available.

Q. Do you do windows?

A. Yes, FIB-R-DOR manufactures a variety of configurations for wall windows.

Q. Can your product be painted?

A. FIB-R-DOR product can be painted. However, the integrally molded gelcoat and pigmented factory finish is superior to a painted finish.

Q. Does FIB-R-DOR fiberglass doors hold up to extreme temperatures and variations?

A.Yes, fiberglass is very stable in extreme temperatures. Variations in temperature from one side of the door to the other can create thermal bowing as recognized by the Door and Hardware Institute as inherent in all materials. However, fiberglass has a history of excellent performance in these environments.

Q. Are the FRP doors available pre-hung?

A. Yes, if FIB-R-DOR furnishes the hinges, single doors are available pre-hung in our fiberglass frame.