Saino Sliding / Fire / Pharmaceutical FAQ

Q. What does egress mean?

A. The ability to exit an opening

Q. What does entrapment mean?

A. In relation to sliding doors, it is the ability to "move" a closed or stopped door in order to exit the area in an emergency.

Q. What is the difference between a Pharmaceutical door and a Clean Room door?

A. A pharmaceutical door is a title given to a wide range of doors used in specific chemical production rooms. Construction for ease of cleaning and a wide range of material used. (Saino type) Cleanroom doors are not generally used in wash down areas or those with a high bacterial rate. They are aluminum stile and rail type construction. (Non Saino Type).

Q. What is the difference between the 1000 & 2000 series sliding fire door?

A. The core, the 1000 series door has a honeycomb core & the 2000 series door has a calcium silicate core which, gives you a 250 degree 30 minute temperature rise.

Q. What is the difference between the 1000 & 3000 series sliding fire door?

A. The track, the 1000 series door has box track hardware & the 3000 series door has our easy roller hardware.

Q. What is your most economical sliding fire door?

A. The 1000 series fire door

Q. What is the voltage requirement for you sliding operators?

A. 120-volt single phase, 24-volt control circuits, and minimum 10-amp circuit.

Q. Do you have sliding fire doors for clean room applications?

A. Yes, our 50000 series sliding door is a casing mounted fire door that can be used in clean room application. (Stainless steel fire doors are available)

Q. Are the casing mounted doors clean room rated?

A. No, however we believe the doors will meet class 100,000 rating.

Q. Are any of the doors sound rated?

A. No, however the use of mineral wool core and weather-stripping works automatically to reduce the infiltration of sound.

Q. Do we manufacture fire rated fiberglass personnel doors?

A. Yes, we manufacturer fire rated fiberglass personnel doors that are UL Listed and Labeled.

Q. Do we manufacture sliding fire rated cooler / freezer doors?

A. No, however we can provide a cooler / freezer door and we can provide a separate fire door.

Q. Do we manufacture fire rated impact doors?

A. No, impact doors do not latch therefore can not be a labeled product.