Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass Door

Fib-R-Dor fiberglass door system is a beautiful, durable door designed for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, water and wastewater treatment, chemical manufacturing, oil refineries, pulp and paper mills and any other application where doors are subject to severe corrosive conditions. Fib-R-Dor door systems are for use in exterior and interior applications and are USDA, FDA and cGMP compliant.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Fib-R-Dor utilizes a unique “outside-in” manufacturing process, creating a highly durable panel with no seams, gaps or potential failure points. Designed for use in facilities that require regular cleaning with harsh chemicals, the seamless construction eliminates particulate “catch” points that make traditional doors difficult to sanitize. The entire exterior of the door panel is molded fiberglass with a permanent bond to the core material, ensuring a beautiful, durable, low maintenance door that will last an extremely long time. Fib-R-Dor fiberglass door color is a molded gel coat finish, so it will never corrode, need to be painted or discolor like steel and aluminum doors.

The unique panel manufacturing technique is one of the key differences when it comes to panel durability. Even the panel edge is molded fiberglass that is chemically welded to the door skins. This combination of “outside-in” manufacturing and fiberglass technology makes Fib-R-Dor extremely durable and up to 3 times stronger than tubular or channel door designs. Competitors use glue to attach the face sheets to tubes or channels, resulting in a potential separation point over time. The Fib-R-Dor method of permanently welding the door edge to the door face plates creates a one-piece exterior shell that will not peel, separate or delaminate.

Door Surface

Fib-R-Dor requires no painting or finishing, the mirror smooth gel coat fiberglass panels are constructed with impact resistant, premium grade resins. The resin is reinforced with hand laid glass fibers that are integrally molded creating a corrosion resistant, one-piece seamless exterior surface. In addition to being beautiful, the smooth gel coat finish is corrosion resistant, highly durable and able to withstand repeated washdowns with cleaning agents. Coastal installations with saltwater environments are no match for Fib-R-Dor panels. Standard colors are white, gray, brown and tan in a high gloss or pebble finish. Optional colors are also available, please contact factory.


Fib-R-Dor is available with a variety of cores including its standard core polypropylene honeycomb; other optional cores include, polyisocyanurate foam and gypsum. Polypropylene honeycomb is lightweight and extremely durable. Polyisocyanurate foam has excellent insulating qualities, and is known as an excellent sound attenuation material. Gypsum is used when a fire rated door is required.

Door Edge

A fiberglass matrix of pigmented resin chemically welded to the door skin, creates a monolithic one-piece exterior. This design combined with structural FRP pultrusions buried beneath the fiberglass matrix provides superior door strength. Door edges are CNC machined for an accurate fit and finish.

Lite Kit Options

Fib-R-Dor has three standard size lite kits with no miters or fasteners on one side, creating a seamless frame that is easy to clean and used as a security feature. Optional glazing includes polycarbonate, laminate, temper or wire glass. Surface mounted stainless steel lite kits are also available.

When required, Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass Doors can be equipped with labels to meet fire and storm rating requirements.

Fire-Rated Fiberglass Doors

Our door systems have been tested and approved for both neutral and positive pressure by Intertek Testing Services. Fib-R-Dor fiberglass door systems are available with 20/ 45/ 60 and 90 minute labels by Warnock-Hersey with UBC 7-2-1997 and UL 10c NFPA 252 for positive pressure fire rated doors. Under positive pressure, the test is performed with the neutral plane 40” above the floor. This method causes hot gases to be forced out around the edge of the door, making it easier for flames to transfer to the outer door and surface. To prevent flames from transferring, our fiberglass fire door utilizes intumescent seals. Intumescent seals expand under heat, filling the gap between the door and frame. The intumescent seals can be molded in during the manufacturing process (UL 10c-A) or surface applied (UL 10c-B).

Storm-Rated Fiberglass Doors

Our doors have received the Florida Building Code (FBC) approval for installation in high velocity wind zones. Fib-R-Dor doors meet and exceed the standards set forth for large missile impact (ASTM-E1886/1996 missile level D), both positive and negative cycle pressure and wind load. 


  • Restaurant
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Chemical
  • Cleanrooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Service
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Warehouse Distribution


  • Temperature – Cooler and Freezer
  • Moisture – High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire – Non-Rated
  • Corrosion – Highly Corrosive Setting

Available Colors

Standard Colors

Chase Doors maintains an inventory of four standard colors: FDA white, light gray, dark brown, and camel tan. These standard colors, as shown below, are available at no additional charge.

  • FDA White

  • Light Gray

  • Dark Brown

  • Camel Tan

Pre-Matched Colors

  • Sandstone

  • Pale Yellow

  • Safety Yellow

  • Safety Orange

  • Light Brown

  • Dragon Red

  • Deep Red

  • Seafoam Green

  • Forest Green

  • Smokey Blue

  • Cancun Blue

  • Royal Blue

  • Dark Gray

  • Medium Bronze

Chase Doors can provide doors and frames to match customer supplied color samples.


  • Colors shown are mechanically reproduced and may vary from actual door, frame, and trim colors.
  • To reduce possible thermal bow, lighter colors are recommended for use in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
  • For Pre-Matched and Custom colors, an additional charge is applied to orders containing less than three doors. An additional charge is applied to all non-standard frame colors, regardless of quantity.


  • Windows
  • Impact Plate
  • Security Lock
  • Kick Plate
  • Push Plate and Pull Handle
  • Temperature Rise Rating

Of Note

  • USDA Accepted
  • UL