We have representatives across the United States, Canada, and Internationally available to help you with your ordering needs. Please find your location and representative below.

CANADA - ONTARIO BRUCE NAKAMURA [email protected] 416-558-1058
EASTERN CANADA GEORGE PHILLIPSON [email protected] 514-990-1868
WESTERN CANADA CHRIS VERMETTE [email protected] 204-257-8375
ALASKA RICK BROWN [email protected] 503-551-7749
ALABAMA KEVIN HILTON [email protected] 615-957-6450
ARKANSAS  ZAC ADAMS [email protected] 636-284-1125
ARIZONA MATT MANSON [email protected] 513-256-3242
COLORADO MATT MANSON [email protected] 513-256-3242
CONNECTICUT GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA LE TURNER [email protected] 267-254-3180
DELAWARE LE TURNER [email protected] 267-254-3180
FLORIDA PATRICK KEARNEY [email protected] 407-883-0496
GEORGIA KEVIN HILTON [email protected] 615-957-6450
HAWAII CAREY SCARAN, DENNIS BJERK, & MICHELLE TARLO [email protected] 714-288-0201
IOWA TIM WELLS [email protected] 612-469-1218
IDAHO RICK BROWN [email protected] 503-551-7749
ILLINOIS ZAC ADAMS [email protected] 636-284-1125 
NORTHERN INDIANA MIKE THOMAS [email protected] 313-819-6846
SOUTHERN INDIANA CHRIS HERRICK [email protected] 513-891-8470
KANSAS ZAC ADAMS [email protected] 636-284-1125
KENTUCKY CHRIS HERRICK [email protected] 513-891-8470
LOUISIANA CUSTOMER SERVICE [email protected] 800-543-4455
MASSACHUSETTS GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
MARYLAND LE TURNER [email protected] 267-254-3180
MAINE GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
MICHIGAN MIKE THOMAS [email protected] 313-819-6846
MINNESOTA TIM WELLS [email protected] 612-469-1218
MISSOURI ZAC ADAMS [email protected] 636-284-1125
MISSISSIPPI KEVIN HILTON [email protected] 615-957-6450
MONTANA RICK BROWN [email protected] 503-551-7749
NORTH CAROLINA ANDY FLANIKEN [email protected] 901-652-2003
NORTH DAKOTA TIM WELLS [email protected] 612-469-1218
NEW ENGLAND TIM WELLS [email protected] 612-469-1218
NEW HAMPSHIRE GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
NEW JERSEY CHARLIE CHAPTER [email protected] 732-244-2884 
NEW MEXICO MATT MANSON [email protected] 513-256-3242
NEVADA CAREY SCARAN, DENNIS BJERK, & MICHELLE TARLO [email protected] 714-288-0201
NORTHERN NEW YORK GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
SOUTHERN NEW YORK CHARLIE CHAPTER [email protected] 732-244-2884
NORTHERN OHIO MIKE THOMAS [email protected] 313-819-6846
SOUTHERN OHIO CHRIS HERRICK [email protected] 513-891-8470
OKLAHOMA ZAC ADAMS [email protected] 636-284-1125
OREGON RICK BROWN [email protected] 503-551-7749
PENNSYLVANIA LE TURNER [email protected] 267-254-3180
RHODE ISLAND GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
SOUTH CAROLINA ANDY FLANIKEN [email protected] 901-652-2003
SOUTH DAKOTA TIM WELLS [email protected] 612-469-1218
TENNESSEE KEVIN HILTON [email protected] 615-957-6450
CENTRAL TEXAS KIMBERLY REHM [email protected] 417-207-8903
EAST TEXAS CUSTOMER SRVICE [email protected] 318-286-2555
WEST TEXAS KIMBERLY REHM [email protected] 417-207-8903
UTAH MATT MANSON [email protected] 513-256-3242
VIRGINIA ANDY FLANIKEN [email protected] 901-652-2003
VERMONT GREG GARDNER [email protected] 617-962-1856
WASHINGTON RICK BROWN [email protected] 503-551-7749
WISCONSIN KEITH FREY [email protected] 608-289-3075
WEST VIRGINIA CHRIS HERRICK [email protected] 513-891-8470
WYOMING MATT MANSON [email protected] 513-256-3242
INTERNATIONAL EDDIE MORENO [email protected] 513-603-2931