Designed to US Postal Service security specifications, the Steel-Lite’s fire, vandal and shock-resistant design offers a high level of security in a multitude of applications.

A fully welded steel sub-frame supports facings of 16 gauge galvanized steel. Heavy duty bumpers, cane bolts, window bars and more add security muscle. Full gaskets seal off temperature, sound and dust intrusion. Proven cast Mechanite V-cam hinges with sealed bearings deliver smooth 180° swing.



  • Continuous welded steel sub-frame
  • 16 gauge galvanized steel facings
  • Detention grade security features
  • 38" (965mm) high polyethylene bumpers


EZ Hang Hardware


Designed not only to facilitate effortless door swing, but door installation as well. RubbAir's EZ-Hang hardware swings up to 135° degrees in either direction and can be installed in the fraction of the time it takes to hang most traffic doors. By securing into the header, jamb and floor, the EZ-Hang hardware provides multiple points of support and helps reinforce week frames. Once the top angle bracket and the jamb guard are in place the door can be positioned, adjusted , and then secured and operated in under five (5) minutes.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Corrosion proof
  • Long life

Helical Hinge

Helical diagram1
  • Unique 250° hinge provides a simple.
  • Easily maintained gravity hinge design.
  • Precision aluminum follower travels smoothly over a wide bearing area to evenly distribute load while.
  • Significantly reduces wear without problematic roller bearings.
  • Hinge and supporting hardware are all corrosion resistant materials.

V-CAM Hinge

Vcam hinges

The V-Cam hinge provides easy opening and positive closing without the need for any type of mechanical actuating device. The cam roller is the only moving part--it rides up the V-Cam when the door is "bumped." Gravity returns the door quickly and positively to the closed position. Choose from three cam rises: the standard 38mm rise cam for best combination of ease of opening and positive closure; 19mm rise cam for easier opening and gentler closing doors; "Deep seat" cam for better door control in negative pressure applications.

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