Saino Operator F1900PLC - 1900PLC

Traditional fire door systems are designed to close and remain closed when activated. The F1900-PLC fire door system automates the door for everyday use and ensures that the system remains operational at all times. In addition to the activators provided with the operator, the system can be connected to a central alarm system, providing an added level of safety. The Model F1900-PLC is equipped with a battery backup system, which keeps the closing system functional in the event of a power failure. The door can be opened with the battery for egress, provided the temperature has not exceeded 194oF on either side of the opening. When the emergency situation is resolved and power is returned to the door, the door system functions as normal.


F1900-PLC and 1900-PLC high speed operators are an excellent alternative to weight and reel closing systems. They have an adjustable opening speed of up to 24" per second per panel, allowing traffic to pass unimpeded. All systems are equipped with two speed operation, allowing the operator to slow down at the end of the door’s travel. This feature adds life to the door system and provides an added measure of safety. Specify the F1900-PLC for fire door systems and 1900-PLC for service door applications. Both models are used for high speed, high traffic conditions on new or retrofit applications.


  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Chemical
  • Cleanrooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Warehouse Distribution


  • Temperature – Ambient
  • Moisture – None
  • Fire – Fire Rated
  • Corrosion – None

Type of Traffic

Of Note

  • ETL