How To Determine Strip Curtain Opening Size

When ordering your strip curtain, indicate your exact door opening dimensions by measuring the opening width and height. Check for any obstructions near the opening that may affect the mounting of the strip door to the surface. Common obstructions are lights, switches, vents and drain lines from coils. If you choose wall mount, an additional 6 inches in height and a minimum of 4 inches in width will automatically be added to the door to cover the face of the opening.

In Jamb Mount - Mounts inside the jamb to the frame header so it does not take up any wall space. It can be mounted in conjunction with another door. Ideal for openings closely surrounded by obstructions.

Flat Wall Mount
 - Mounting method in which the strip door overlaps the opening in width and height. Standard overlap is 6" in height and a minimum of 4" in width. Also called “face of wall” or “surface mount”, this method requires clear, unobstructed wall space around the opening. When considering attachment methods, keep in mind that a flat wall mount will overlap your opening.