Strip Door Options

Chase Doors offers a variety of strip curtain bracket and attachment options for your application.

In Jamb Mount - Mounts inside the jamb to the frame header so it does not take up any wall space. It can be mounted in conjunction with another door. A strip curtain mounted in a jamb mount is ideal for openings closely surrounded by obstructions.

Flat Wall Mount - Mounting method in which the strip door overlaps the opening in width and height. The Standard overlap in height and width is 6”. Also called “face of wall” or “surface mount”, this method requires clear, unobstructed wall space around the opening.

J-Hook Compatible Mounting Bracket - In the unique J-Hook system, J-Hook hangers – each with a strip attached – are hung from a 2-part extruded aluminum bracket. Hangers are easily lifted out to replace vinyl strips. A continous welded bond between each strip and its J-Hook insures long life. Installation is simple: Just screw the aluminum mounting hardware flush to the wall, or to brackets in the door jamb, or into any other special mounting hardware. Then hang the J-hook mounted strips into place and tighten the clamping bolts. PVC strips will hang straight and level with the correct overlap. EconoTrack Mounting Bracket - The Durable, versatile EconoTrack Bracket can be used for both surface and in-jamb mounting of strip doors on small or very large openings. EconoTrack’s formed steel face plate holds strips firmly while allowing flex without breaking. These rugged brackets are constructed with 14 gauge galvanized steel with 1/4” studs. Face plates are formed in 12” sections for easy strip replacement. The EconoTrack Mounting Bracket is the most popular design in the industry. Its simple strip replacement feature allows the customer to replace individual strips cut-to-size from the factory, or cut and punched in the field.

The following mounting options are also available from Chase, please contact factory for more information:

Swing-Away Bracket - Consists of a single or bi-parting bracket that mounts to the face of the wall. The bracket is designed to swing away from the opening and out of the way. This strip door is manually opened and closed. A common application is a door that is used in cold weather, but not needed in warm weather.

Gravity Return Bracket - This strip curtain mounts inside the jamb on gravity return hinges and swings open when impacted. The hinge is the same basic design as the flexible door gravity return hinge.

Sliding Track Bracket - The hardware system consists of a box track and trolleys that attach to a strip door bracket. This design requires clearance next to the opening equal to the door system.

Overhead Door Bracket - These are designed to fit around a garage door. The benefit to this design is it installs on an exterior door, but is inside the building where it isn’t exposed to the weather.

Overhead/Roll-Up Door Bracket - Brackets extend out and around the door assembly so vinyl strips can be mounted inside. This protects the material from weather or vandalism when the door is closed. Gate Hinge - Allows the strip door to be swung out of the opening when not required. A retractable bolt locks the hinge in place. Trolley Mount - The strip door can be parted in the center or rolled to one side using this heavy duty roller/track assembly.