How To Determine Strip Door Overlap

How much vinyl strip overlap do you need? Determine the type and volume of traffic to select material overlap:

Personnel - Strip doors with people traffic should utilize smaller size strips with less overlap. Consider using 6" or 8" material with 33% to 67% overlap. Only use 4" material on very small openings with personnel only traffic. Keep in mind that smaller strips give less wind resistance and will not hold up as well under heavy forklift traffic.

Pallet Trucks - Pallet truck traffic normally indicates that the door will get heavier traffic including pallets of material. Pallet trucks also typically have a person walking with the truck. Keep this in mind. If an opening has heavy pallet and personnel traffic, consider 6" material with 67% overlap, or 8" with 25% or 50% overlap.

Forklift Traffic - Forklift traffic normally indicates heavy traffic with more abuse. Larger PVC vinyl strip sizes should be considered with forklift traffic. Also consider the type of load the forklift is carrying as the strips will drag over the load. If the load is light, the larger strips may tend to drag product off of the load. Consider 8" material with 50% to 100% overlap or 12" material with 25% to 50% overlap.

Opening Size to Load Ratio 
If the opening is small in relation to the size of the load, you may want to consider smaller strips with less overlap as the strips are more prone to dragging over the load. For example, consider 8" material versus 12" material on a 96" high opening with an 84" high load. 

Always consider going to larger vinyl strips and/or more overlap for large openings or openings with draft conditions.