Hörmann High Performance Door Partnership

ColdGuard and Hörmann Partnership

ColdGuard and Hörmann have strategically partnered together to be able to offer our customers a complete cold storage package including Hörmann High Speed Roll Up doors.

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ColdGuard Doors

ColdGuard Doors provide smart technology and rugged designs for high-performing cold storage units and applications.

Chase Doors also provides Durulite Retailer R25D Doors which offers comparable insulation to latching cold storage doors while reducing air infiltration. The R25D is DOE compliant and can retain its properties to -40ºF.

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TNR High Speed Door

Hörmann offers a variety of high speed cold storage doors designed with features geared toward specific industry applications. See below for literature downloads.

  • Cool-Master
  • ChillFast
  • Food-Master

About Hörmann

Hörmann is one of the world's leading high speed roll up door manufacturers and a global leader in today's building components industry. Hörmann prides themselves on quality products covering a wide range of high speed door application. Whether it is industrial, commercial or residential Hörmann has you covered.

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