Accordion Strip Doors

Chase's revolutionary, exclusive Save-T® Accordion Strip Doors are used when environmental separation is required, but the strips need to be moved out of the opening to allow unobstructed pass through. Save-T® Accordions are perfect for openings that would require a sliding strip door, but there are obstructions on both sides of the doorway opening, such as shelving or a wall.

This uniquely constructed sliding strip door is your most economical solution. It is also the most cost-effective way to cut your heating or cooling costs. Just a light tug on the nylon pull-rope opens the door, moving the door to one side of the opening, or the panels can bi-part to both sides, allowing easy access for forklifts, hand trucks, large equipment, or fragile products.



TMI's Save-T® Accordion Strip Doors are used exclusively with 12" wide strips and a 67% overlap. They can be mounted in the jamb, or on the face of the wall, or around an overhead door with a 3SBB Heavy Duty Overhead Door Bracket. When completely folded, the strips take up approximately 15% of the opening (i.e. in a 10' wide opening, the strips will fold into approximately 18"). Save-T® Accordion Strip Doors can bi-part in the center, or open to one side.


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