Chase TMI Industrial and Thermal Curtain Solutions

Curtain and Enclosure Hardware

TMI offers the broadest range of sliding track and modular freestanding hardware to create your own custom curtain partition or enclosure. All of TMI's hardware systems are made of galvanized steel. Straight track systems are made using 16-gauge components. Freestanding components are made using your choice of 1.25" square tube components (for sliding track systems) or 2" square tube components (for freestanding strip doors).


Ceiling/Under Lintel Mount

Ceiling Mount components allow the industrial curtain track to be mounted to the underside of the flat ceiling, under the lintel in a doorjamb, or directly to the underside of a joist, beam, or truss.

Threaded Rod Mount

Threaded Rod Mount components allow the industrial curtain system to be suspended from above using 3/8" threaded rod (supplied by others).

Beam Mount

Beam Mounting components allow industrial curtain systems to be mounted to I-beams, trusses or roof joists.

Wall Mount

Wall Mounting components allow your industrial curtain to be mounted flush to a wall, typically right above an opening. A flat, vertical wall or surface is recommended.

Chain Mount

Exclusive chain mounting hardware components, much like threaded rod components, allow the industrial curtain and track to be suspended from above with chain.



Chase's most common freestanding components are constructed using 2" square tube components, allowing you to create a freestanding enclosure using PVC strip doors. All components are bolted together, can be attached to the floor, or can attach to walls. These frames are heavy-duty freestanding frames used for modular enclosures.

Also available are 1 1/4" square tubing components, which are typically used for freestanding, lightweight sliding curtain partitions. Like 2" square tubing components, 1 1/4" components are simply bolted together and fastened to the floor, creating a lightweight yet durable freestanding curtain enclosure.

Contact a TMI Sales Professional for information on how to create the perfect freestanding or sliding industrial curtain.