Duruslide 73000 Stainless Steel Sliding Door

The Model 73000 sliding pharmaceutical door system incorporates a fully flush stainless steel panel design making the door system beautiful and easy to clean. Standard features on the 73000 include a sloped stainless steel hood, no surface fasteners, sealed double pane vision panels, integrated gaskets, and casing mounted floor guides. Available in either center parting and single slide door configuration.



Door Panel – The door is constructed with 18 gauge stainless steel face sheets bonded to resin impregnated Kraft honeycomb core and 16 gauge internal tubing. The stainless steel face sheets wrap around the door, eliminating particulate “catch points” that make traditional doors difficult to sanitize.

Trackhood – A closed end sloped stainless steel trackhood allows for easy cleaning and resists particle buildup.

Vision Panels – Sealed multi-pane vision panels fit flush into the door panel eliminating sloped window frames and surface fasteners required on most window systems. Recessed pull handles are flush on both sides of the door.

Pull Handles – Stainless steel flush pull handles are standard on both sides of the door.

Weatherstrip – Traditional capping channels that must be fastened to door panels have been eliminated, as have extrusions to hold perimeter gaskets in place. All gaskets fit into keyways in the door panel and are field replaceable. Center parting doors utilize panel mounted dual bulb type gaskets, providing a positive seal when closed.

Floor Guides – Casing mounted mini-beams hold the door in the open position when traffic exists.

Track System – The model 73000 operates on the TEP track system, offering “silent” operation. Permanently sealed nylon rollers offer years of trouble free service. The track system is pre-assembled at the factory for easy installation. Casing mounted floor guides eliminate the need to attach it to the floor.

Motor Operation – Optional motor operation is achieved using a microprocessor controlled drive system with an encoder. Standard electronic reversing eliminates surface mounted reversing edge devices and the wiring required. Standard control features allow interlock, full and partially open and remote door status confirmation. Doors can be equipped with solenoid locks for “fail safe” and “fail secure” operation.


  • Honeycomb
  • Vision Lite
  • Perimeter Gasketing
  • Track Hood
  • Locking Devices
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • TXP/TEP/TPL Operator

Designs and Colors

Disclaimer: Due to the variety in computer monitors, and lot to lot raw material variations these colors may not show an exact representation. Actual samples should always be requested if color accuracy or matching is key to your decision.

Optional 304 4 Stainless
Optional 304 4 Stainless


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