Extruded Bumpers

Chase offers extruded dock bumpers that provide additional layers of protection from forklifts and other loading dock equipment. Extruded dock bumpers are also ideal for areas that experience car and boat traffic. They are not intended for use with heavy trucks but can be effectively used in marinas and indoor parking areas where boat docks and walls are susceptible to damage. Extruded bumpers are made from heavy-duty rubber and provide a clean, smooth look to parking areas. They are extremely easy to install and will protect walls for years.

Extruded dock bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made in lengths up to 10 feet. Predrilled holes make installation extremely easy. Extruded dock bumpers weigh considerably less than laminated and steel-faced bumpers. The most common styles of extruded bumpers are the "E" and "D" shapes. The "D" shaped bumper projects from the wall and ensure that cars, boats, and light machinery will not damage the structure. "D" bumpers can be ordered with an optional steel flat mounting bar.


Model Bumper Thickness Bumper Height Bumper Width Mounting Bar
D12 4" 4.5" 12" Without
D12B 4" 4.5" 12" With
D18 4" 4.5" 18" Without
D18B 4" 4.5" 18" With
D24 4" 4.5" 24" Without
D24B 4" 4.5" 24" With


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