Fast-Mount Strip Door

Chase Doors makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier with our new Fast-Mount strip door system. The Fast-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. A 3’ x 7’ strip door can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time-consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips. Fast-Mount strips are designed so that they install and establish a preset overlap when you slide them into the bracket.


J-Hook Sliding Hanger and Strip Material

The J-Hooks have a continuous welded bond between each strip. 6” and 8” strip material has a standard 2” overlap on each side. The strips are tapered, making installation fast and easy. If the strips ever come unsealed from the J-Hook we guarantee free replacement including freight.

Hangs Flat Right Out of the Box

No need to lay strips out for 24 hours prior to installation. When you are ready to install, just open, hang and you are done!

Installation is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Attach the mounting bracket to a flat surface above the opening.

Step 2 - Start at either end & slide the J-Hook Hanger/Strips along the center track in the Fast-Mount bracket until all strips are installed.

Step 3 - Install a locking screw in each end of the bracket to hold the strips in place and you are done – fast and easy!



The Fast-Mount is available with a 6” x .060 thick with a 67% overlap or a 8” x .080” thick with a 50% overlap in the following materialsL

Standard - Our clear PVC strips are designed for use in most walk-in coolers or in doorways at ambient temperatures with personnel, cart, pallet jack and light forklift traffic.

USDA Low Temp - Clear PVC formulated to remain pliable in food service freezer temperatures; also for use in areas where USDA accepted material is required.

Loc-Rib™ - Our standard and USDA grade PVC strips can be fabricated with “locking” ribs to seal against air flow in cooler or freezer temperatures. Ribs also preserve strip clarity by absorbing abrasions. Not available in 6” x .060”.

Low Temp Reinforced - Nylon reinforced strips remain pliable in freezers subjected to heavy personnel, hand truck or fork lift traffic.



Low profile aluminum extrusion is inherently strong and maintains a minimum clearance from the wall. J-Hook strips slide easily into the bracket for installation, and can be replaced when necessary in little or no time.


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