TMI hardware sizes are in full foot increments from 3' wide up to 10' wide. Strip mounting hardware is available in 3 materials: galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The hardware is sturdy, durable and will last for years. More so, TMI's strip door hardware is compatible with almost every strip door on the market. Most hardware can be installed above a door in a matter of minutes.

TMI also owns a patented hardware system known as "Save-T Loc™" hardware. With Save-T Loc™, a keyhole mounting system helps keep strips in place and there is no need for nuts and bolts, resulting in a faster install time. Since the pins are pre-studded, all that is required is to mount the hardware, attach the PVC strips, then place the retainer bar over the pins and lock into place. All TMI hardware is cut specifically to individual orders, but further adjustments can easily be made with a band saw or hacksaw.



Hardware Save T Loc Threaded Stud UM LC

Save-T Loc® is TMI's exclusive, patented hardware system designed to simplify and speed installation. To use, simply mount the hardware, attach the PVC strips, and lock the retainer bar over the studs. Place the Save-T Loc® tabs over the studs to ensure that strips do not come loose in two-way traffic.

Save-T Loc® hardware is available in header, wall and universal mount designs with galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel finishes.


Hardware Economax J Hook

The J-Hook mounting bracket is a very easy mounting solution for both surface and in-jamb strip door applications. In this J-Hook system, J-Hook hangers (each with a vinyl strip attached) are hung from a 2-part extruded aluminum bracket. Installation is simple and the J-Hook hangers are easily lifted out to replace strips when necessary. A continuous welded bond between each strip and its J-Hook ensures a long life and minimal wear and tear at the mounting bracket location.


Hardware Fast Mount

Chase Doors makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier with our new Fast-Mount strip door system. The Fast-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. A 3’ x 7’ strip door can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time-consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips. Fast-Mount strips are designed so that they install and establish a preset overlap when you slide them into the bracket.

Header Mount Hardware

Header Mount Hardware, also known as "in-jamb" or "under lintel," is hardware that is mounted within the jamb of a door (within the doorframe.) Header mount hardware is best used in applications where space outside of the door is limited. Header mount hardware is less common because it reduces the actual height of the door, decreasing the amount of space through which objects can pass by an inch and a half. Header mount hardware is made of galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel and can be ordered in both Save-T Loc™ and the standard nut and bolt design. All TMI strip door hardware comes with studs spaced every 2", thus fitting the majority of PVC strips on the market. Header mount hardware has mounting holes spaced 3" from the ends and then every 6" across the hardware length.

Wall Mount Hardware

Wall Mount Hardware from TMI is available in galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum. It is the most commonly sold type of strip door hardware and is placed directly above the door. As the hardware sits above the actual doorframe, it is highly recommended that the PVC strips be 3" longer than necessary to ensure that the strips are as close to the ground as possible. It is also recommended that your strip widths be increased by 3" to 4" inches so that a complete seal is created around the door. Wall mount hardware from TMI is available in both standard nut and bolt as well as in the patented TMI Save-T Loc™ design. All TMI strip door hardware comes with studs spaced at every 2", thus fitting the majority of PVC strips on the market. Wall mount hardware has drill holes spaced 3" from the edge and at every 6" within the hardware to allow for easy drilling and install.

Universal Mount Hardware

Universal Mount Hardware, as the name implies, is a versatile tool that can be mounted either to the face of the wall or within the jamb. This option proves very useful when there is uncertainty about where the strip door can be hung. Universal mounting hardware is also useful when numerous strip doors are ordered, all with different mounting needs. Universal mount hardware is available in galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Universal mount hardware comes in the traditional nut and bolt system as well as the TMI Save-T Loc™ system. It should be noted that universal mounts, if mounted on the wall, will require an extra 3" to 4" on each side of the door as well as an additional 3" of length to ensure a complete covering of the door, both on the sides and at the bottom.

Piano Hinge

Piano Hinge hardware from TMI can be requested when a door has traffic that passes through the door with little clearance between the strips and the hardware. The piano hinge hardware has a pivot point that enables the entire door to pivot on the hinge, thus reducing stress on the strips and the hardware. The hinge swings in both directions to accommodate two-way traffic. Piano hinge hardware is made of galvanized steel and is only available in the nut and bolt option. Keep in mind that piano hinge hardware will reduce the height of the door, as the hinge hangs 1.75" into the doorway.

Overhead Door Bracket

Hardware Overhead Door Bracket Standard Duty

When installing a strip door, it is fairly common to encounter obstacles such as garage doors, door track or other equipment that prevents an in-jamb or a wall mount. To overcome this, TMI offers overhead door brackets that enable the strip door to be mounted away from the door while still providing complete protection and coverage around the door. Overhead door brackets project from the wall and around the opening of the door. All brackets from TMI are zinc plated and two options are available, heavy duty and standard duty. Heavy-duty overhead door brackets provide superior strength and can be mounted on doors up to 24' wide. Standard-duty door brackets can be easily mounted on doorways up to 11' wide.

Additionally, two models of overhead door brackets are available:

  • Three Sided Box Beam (3S-BB) is cut to a specific size and provides consistent coverage around the entire door. Once a 3S-BB is installed, the length cannot be extended without new hardware.
  • Standard Duty - Vertical Projection Point (SD-VPP) allows more flexibility in the projection of the door. With SD-VPP hardware, the crossbar can be moved to a set length from the door and, should there be a need to shorten or elongate the projection, the crossbar can easily be adjusted. SD-VPPs provide excellent coverage around the entire door and offer more flexibility in the door's projection.

Sliding Door Track

When space is available on either or both sides of a doorway, sliding track hardware is an excellent and affordable choice. Sliding track hardware from TMI allows the entire strip door to be slid away from the door opening and is ideal in situations where the strip door does not always need to be in place. Sliding door track hardware is available in both header and wall mount options. There are three basic design configurations for the hardware.

    • Bi-parting wall mount hardware can be used, if there is not ample space on one side of the door, but enough space exists on both sides of the door that the strip door can be completely opened by separating it equally and sliding it to both sides.
    • One-sided wall mount hardware can be used when there is enough space on a single side, so that the entire door can be opened into that space.
    • Double Track Header Mount is similar to a sliding closet door where the door can be slid to one side or the other or closed fully to cover the entire door.

Accordion Strip Door Hardware

Hardware Accordion

This revolutionary product from TMI can be used when there is not enough space on the left or right side of the door to accommodate a sliding strip door. Accordion fold hardware is a uniquely constructed solution, which is both economical and effective. Accordion strip door hardware enables the strip door to be slid into place when needed and then tucked to the side of the door when not. Accordion strip door hardware is excellent in regions where the climate fluctuates and a strip door is not always necessary. When the door is not being used, accordion hardware will occupy space within the doorframe. The amount of free space necessary for equipment to pass through should be taken into consideration before installing the door. Accordion strip door hardware comes in two modes, manual and motorized.

  • Manual accordion strip door hardware is connected to a nylon pull rope and the user can simply tug on the rope to slide the door into the frame…or out of the way.
  • Motorized Accordion strip doors are exclusive to TMI and designed to ensure that both workflow and environmental control remain a constant. Motorized accordion strip doors are designed for medium to high traffic areas requiring constant environmental and temperature separation. Motorized accordion strip doors can be opened via remote control or by a remote eye, thus ensuring that workflow can remain constant. The doors open as quickly as 36" per second and operate with quiet, low-energy motors suitable for interior and exterior applications.