Laminated Bumpers

Laminated Dock Dumpers from Chase offer a durable, effective, and affordable solution for those looking to protect their dock from trucks loading and unloading cargo within the dock area. Chase’s laminated dock bumpers are constructed from recycled tire pads that are compressed between steel angles and held together with 3/4” steel tie rods. The compressed rubber pads between the angles give the bumper flexibility that can absorb the impact of a truck without shifting within the frame. The result is a long-lasting solution that will stand up to consistent use and provide long-term protection for a dock.

Laminated dock bumpers protect both the truck and building, and are the most commonly used bumpers on the market. Chase has a complete line of laminated dock bumpers ranging in size from 4“ to 12” thick in horizontal, vertical, and extra-length styles. For docks that have unique angles, above dock riser, brackets can be purchased to accommodate lower to the ground or uniquely positioned docks.


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