Light Industrial Series Air Curtain

TMI's Save-T® Light Industrial (S-LI) air curtains and air doors are the ideal choice for energy savings, environmental separation, temperature control and insect control on loading dock and industrial doors. Light Industrial air curtains are typically mounted around an existing sectional or rolling steel garage door, and can be automatically activated when the garage door is up. Their two-speed motors offer versatility in air velocity control.

Save-T® Light Industrial air curtains and air doors are recommended for environmental control on loading dock openings up to 12' high. If you are looking for insect control, TMI's Light Industrial Air Curtains are effective bug barriers on industrial openings up to 10' high. Save-T® Air Curtains are guaranteed to provide energy cost savings during both the heating and cooling seasons.



Save-T® Light Industrial Air Curtains offer a number of benefits. They're aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel design fits into nearly every environment. These air curtains improve employee comfort; keep out insects, dust, debris, and temperature from entering your environment, and stop up to 20 mph winds. Most Light Industrial air curtains and air doors pay for themselves in energy savings within two to three years.


TMI Light Industrial (S-LI) units are available in widths up to 16' wide. While most TMI Save-T® Light Industrial air curtains and air doors are unheated, electric heat, hot water heat, steam heat, and indirect gas heat are available. Every unheated TMI air curtain and air door carries a two-year warranty. All heated air curtains and air doors carry an 18 month warranty.


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