Molded Bumpers

Chase has a complete line of molded rubber dock bumpers that are used on low traffic dock applications. Molded rubber dock bumpers are manufactured using reinforced rubber that is durable and lightweight. All molded rubber dock bumpers are solid, one-piece units. The smooth bumpers are attractive and will not harden in the cold winter months, providing a long-term solution that will keep your dock safe and protected.

Rubber dock bumpers, with their variety of sizes, are able to easily fit both regular and oddly shaped docks. The most common molded dock bumpers are the "T", "L" and "R" styles, but special shapes can be fabricated upon request. The model "T" molded bumper has a reflector placed in the middle to provide additional aid for drivers backing into a dock. All dock bumpers from Chase help to ensure that loading docks stay protected from the constant truck traffic that can damage the walls with repeated contact. Molded dock bumpers are extremely easy to install and will provide years of protection.


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