Chase TMI Strip Doors

Overhead Door Bracket Strip Doors

Chase offers a strip door that mounts around your existing sectional or rolling steel door. Overhead Door Brackets are commonly used when there is an obstacle that prevents wall or header mounting. The Overhead Door Bracket hardware is projected out and around the opening of the door, allowing the existing overhead door to run without obstructions and still get the temperature separation required on loading dock openings.


3SBB – Heavy Duty Overhead Door Bracket

Hardware Overhead Door Bracket Heavy Duty

Made of 2" or 3" square tubing, this design provides superior strength for openings up to 24' wide. The bracket offers projections from the wall of 12", 18", and 24". This mounting hardware can also be used in conjunction with TMI's exclusive Accordion Strip Doors.

SDVPP - Standard Duty Overhead Door Bracket

This bracket allows for an adjustable projection from 6" to 10", and can be used on openings up to 11' wide.


Requirements for Overhead Door Bracket Hardware

Hardware Overhead Door Bracket Standard Duty

In order to properly size and order your Overhead Door Bracket hardware, you need the dimension from outside to outside of your existing overhead door track, as well as the overall projection required off of the wall. Check out our Overhead Door Bracket specification sheets for more information on additional mounting requirements.