Rip-A-Strip® Replacement Strips

Rip-A-Strip® is Chase's exclusive and patented "ready-to-hang replacement strips on a roll." A continuous roll of pre-cut replacement strips, each Rip-A-Strip® roll is cut and packaged to your specifications. Rip-A-Strip® dispensing boxes can be tucked away and easily stored until a replacement strip is needed.

Once you tell Chase your requested strip length, the Rip-A-Strip® material is cut through 85% of the PVC at the requested length. Mounting holes are then punched directly below the perforation every two inches across the top of the strip. The customer simply rips the strip at the perforation and attaches it to their door. Rip-A-Strip™ fits the majority of strip door hardware currently on the market. No tools are necessary for strip replacement.


Rip-A-Strip Advantages

  • 35% Cost Savings over traditional strip doors & replacement strips
  • No Tools Required for strip replacement
  • Clean Cut - No Fraying
  • Easily Dispensable
  • Small Compact Box = Less Storage Space
  • Ideal for Service Trucks
  • Common Sizes in Stock
  • Fits 99% of existing studded hardware


Material Options

  • Standard Clear
  • Offset Double Ribbed Clear
  • USDA Low Temperature
  • USDA Nylon Reinforced
  • USDA Low Temperature Offset Double Ribbed
  • USDA Extra Low Temperature


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