Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens

Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens are ideal for insect and bird control at loading docks, distribution centers, warehouse openings, printers, food processing locations, and anywhere flying insects need to be controlled. Chase bug screens do not require the space that is required to mount roll up screen doors. Sliding Screen-Pro® bug screens allow fresh air into the workplace, improving employee comfort and workplace productivity. Sliding Bug Screens require little to no maintenance, and can be installed quickly and efficiently.


Main Features

  • Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens are made of heavy-duty 11 oz PVC coated mesh in your choice of blue, red, black, green, or yellow. For situations that require bird control or greater ventilation, a heavy-duty black Bird Mesh can be used instead of tight bug mesh.
  • Sliding Bug Screens slide on a 16 gauge roller track, and include all required mounting brackets, nylon roller trolleys, and track splice connectors.
  • Single-Panel Bug Screens are used on openings up to 10' wide x 10' high. Bi-Parting Sliding Bug Screens with intermediate vertical stiffeners are used on openings larger than 10' wide x 10' high.
  • Vertical stiffeners with cane bolts protect against high winds.
  • Brush seals are mounted across the top of the door opening (not on in-jamb models), and a vinyl flap seals the gap on the floor.

Mounting Options

  • In-Jamb: the sliding bug screen mounts under the lintel and between jambs. This mounting method requires very little headroom.
  • Inside Standoff: the sliding bug screen mounts in front of an existing sectional or rolling steel door.
  • Face of Wall Mount: the sliding bug screen mounts flush to the face of the wall above the opening. This is the most common method for mounting on the exterior of a building.


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