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The SRP Gate Door features a panel constructed of 1/2” thick, solid HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and is resistant to the traditional mold and mildew that plagues shower curtains. All Chase Gate Doors are custom built to your exact opening size and come with a variety of options.

This door is often used in correctional facilities. Are you spending a significant amount of time and money on the aggravation of repairing or replacing expensive shower doors and shower curtains in correctional and other types of institutional facilities? The Chase SRP Gate Door is a durable and economical solution for you! The SRP Gate Door is lightweight, yet extremely strong, durable and virtually indestructible.



• The SRP Gate panel is constructed of 1/2” thick, solid HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
• The textured panel has the color throughout, hiding dents & scratches
• The full-length black powder coated spine contains the in-line cam, coil spring, gravity assist hinge system, which centers the door back to the closed position
• The back spine is riveted to the door panel and includes upper and lower stainless steel hinges
• Stops and bumpers can be used to limit the swing pattern

Features & Benefits

• Offers a sense of privacy while also allowing an opportunity to monitor activities above and below the door when installed in correctional and other institutional facilities
• Easy installation and practically no maintenance saves time, money and labor
• Economical alternative to expensive stainless steel doors
• A much longer life cycle meaning fewer replacements - saving you time and money
• The Chase Gate Door is lightweight and virtually indestructible
• Gate door panel is easy to clean and eliminates the concern of mold, mildew and the passage of contagious diseases common with shower curtains

Designs and Colors

Disclaimer: Due to the variety in computer monitors, and lot to lot raw material variations these colors may not show an exact representation. Actual samples should always be requested if color accuracy or matching is key to your decision.

Metallic Gray
Metallic Gray
Cloud Grey
Cloud Grey


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