Steel-Faced Bumpers

Steel-Faced dock bumpers consist of the same material used in the construction of laminated dock bumpers but are clad with a solid steel-face that creates additional levels of durability to the bumper and facility. For docks that experience heavy traffic or have delivery drivers backing their trucks into the dock at higher speeds, steel-faced bumpers are the ideal solution.

The steel-faced plates use 3/8" thick steel placed on top of the compressed tire pads, which is able to absorb more shock and abrasion than standard laminated bumpers. Steel-faced bumpers protect both the dock and the delivery trucks. Steel-faced bumpers from Chase can be adjusted to fit docks of all shapes and sizes. Above dock riser brackets are available to lower the bumpers should the dock be extra close to the ground. Standard steel-faced bumpers come in sizes ranging from 5 1/4" to 12 3/4" thick in all horizontal and vertical styles.


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