Traffic Doors - Limiting Posts

Chase Limiting Posts protect your doors from unnecessary and costly damage. They are designed to extend the life of any double-acting traffic door by limiting the travel of the door panel, therefore preventing damage caused when the doors are overextended or “wrapped around the frame.” Available in two heights, 42” and 19” and constructed of rotationally molded high-density, cross-linked polyethylene, and non-CFC urethane foam.



  • Available in two heights, 42" and 19"
  • Rotationally molded high-density, cross-linked polyethylene construction gives a durable and attractive appearance
  • A 42" high limiting post has an outer wall thickness of .250", a diameter of 5.25" and a 7.75" diameter bottom flange
  • A 19" high limiting post has an outer wall thickness of .375", a diameter of 3" and a 6" diameter bottom flange
  • The 42" high limiting post has a powder-coated steel ring that fits over the bottom flange with 3/8" x 3" concrete wedge anchors used to fasten to concrete floors
  • A molded polyethylene base cover is provided in the matching clot to create a finished appearance
  • Chase Limiting Posts are easy to install or replace, will not corrode, never need painting, and are highly visible
  • Available with Non-CFC urethane foam core
  • Available in fourteen standard colors

Although Limiting Posts are durable and impact-resistant, they are designed expressly for use as door limiting posts. They should not be used as protective devices where they would be subject to impact by vehicle-ridden or forklift traffic which could conceivably damage the post by bending it over.


Install Instructions