Chase TMI Strip Doors

Truck and Trailer Strip Doors

Chase manufactures the exclusive "Pogo-Style" Truck Strip Door. This unique strip door system allows the strip door to be moved around in the back of a refrigerated trailer, making this the perfect strip door for trailers that are looking for energy savings and reduced fuel consumption. The "Pogo-Style" strip door also promotes reduced maintenance and refrigeration costs by keeping in cold temperatures and not allowing warm, outside air to enter during deliveries.

"Pogo-Style" strip doors use your choice of Standard Clear PVC for refrigerated trailers or USDA Low-Temperature PVC for freezers. Typical applications use an 8" wide, looped-top strip that slides onto Chase TMI's exclusive Compress® rod. The unique "Double-U®" mounting brackets mount on the sidewalls. Additional sets of brackets can be mounted at different trailer depths, allowing the "Pogo-Style" strip door to be moved as the trailer is emptied. This design allows your truck strip door to be installed quickly, and also allows for complete removal as required.