Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors

Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors are one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. They are the perfect alternative to high-speed roll-up doors, have the features and benefits of high-speed doors at just a fraction of the cost.

Typical applications for Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required.


Decreased energy costs

Vinyl-Pro Doors separate differing temperature zones within facilities, helping furnace and air conditioning systems to run more efficiently. In cold storage and refrigeration environments, Vinyl-Pro Doors can cut compressor running time.

Environmental separation

Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors seal out airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, debris, flying insects, and other airborne particles. Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up doors also act as a noise barrier, reducing sound transmission. Roll-Up doors also deter theft and trespassing by acting as a physical barrier.

Promotes safety

Clear PVC vision panels can be added to any vinyl roll-up door to allow for a line of sight through the opening while promoting light transmission.

Modular Panels

Made of heavy-duty 22 oz vinyl. Interchangeable panels allow for quick and easy repairs of damaged panels. Panels simply slide in and out of the wind stiffeners. This eliminates the need for repairing the entire door, decreasing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the door.

Extruded Aluminum Wind Bars

Up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners in the industry. The high-strength stiffeners protect against wind and negative pressure

Save-T Breakaway Bars

Prevents the roll-up vinyl door from breaking if hit. The bottom bar releases in either direction and can be easily placed back into the track.

Extruded Aluminum Guide Tracks

Guides the roll-up door with UHMW inserts which reduce friction and prevent black aluminum dust.

Safety Options

Chase can include safety features such as photo-eyes and pneumatic reversing edges to ensure that the roll-up vinyl doors will not injure personnel or damage products that might be in the way of the door coming down.

Mounting Options

  1. In-Jamb Mounting – Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors can be mounted within your doorjamb. This requires approximately 8.5" of headroom, 8.5" of jamb depth, and 5" on each side of jamb.
  2. Face of Wall Mounting – the most common mounting method for Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors is flush to the wall when there is no door present. If the vinyl door is mounted outside, TMI recommends a protective covering to protect the barrel and motors from damage due to external elements and weather.
  3. Inside Stand-Off Mounting – Doors can be mounted around your existing rolling steel or sectional door. This keeps the door mounted inside the building, protecting it from external elements.


Series 1000: Spring-Loaded Manual Roll-Up Door

Includes yellow pull down straps to bring the door up and down. The maximum door size for spring-loaded roll-up vinyl door is 12' wide X 12' high.

Series 2000: Chain-Hoist Manual Roll-Up Door

Chain hoists are used to manually pull the vinyl door up and down, just like a traditional garage door.

Series 3000: In-Tube Motorized Roll-Up Door

These roll-up vinyl doors are activated with an Up/Down constant pressure rocker switch. In-Tube Motors allow the bug screen to roll up at 12" per second. In-Tube Motors run on 110 volt, single-phase power, and are recommended for applications where the door will be used no more than 8 to 10 times per hour. The maximum door size for In-Tube Motor Roll-Up vinyl door is 14' wide X 14' high.

Series 4000: External Jackshaft Motorized Roll-Up Door

These external jackshaft motors pull the roll-up vinyl doors up at speeds of 12" per second. External jackshaft operators are used on openings that are used 10-15 cycles per hour.

Series 5000: High-Cycle Motorized Roll-Up Door

The VP-5000 features a heavy-duty, high-cycle, external jackshaft motor that opens the Vinyl-Pro roll-up door at a speed of 12" per second. The VP-5000 is recommended for applications that have higher traffic.

Series 6000: Swift Speed Motorized Roll-Up Door

The newest addition to the Vinyl-Pro line of roll-up doors, the VP-6000 moves at a rate of 30" per second. The VP-6000 moves up and down quickly while costing thousands less than a high-speed roll-up door.


Model Product Name
VP-1000 Vinyl-Pro Series 1000 Roll-Up Door
VP-2000 Vinyl-Pro Series 2000 Roll-Up Door
VP-3000 Vinyl-Pro Series 3000 Roll-Up Door
VP-4000 Vinyl-Pro Series 4000 Roll-Up Door
VP-5000 Vinyl-Pro Series 5000 Roll-Up Door
VP-6000 Vinyl-Pro Series 6000 Roll-Up Door


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