Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks from TMI provide additional levels of safety when a truck is being loaded and unloaded in a warehouse. Along with dock bumpers and truck stands, wheel chocks ensure that trucks remain stationary when parked.



Chase offers several types of wheel chocks including molded rubber, laminated rubber, urethane, and aluminum. Select wheel chocks can be attached to chains to prevent theft and make removing the chocks from under a tire easier. Chain lengths come in 10', 12' and 15' sizes. The chain is 3/16" coil chain" with a bright zinc finish. Laminated rubber chocks are made from recycled tire pads compressed between steel angles. They are highly durable and provide years of service. Molded rubber chocks are created from molded reinforced rubber that is highly durable. Urethane and aluminum wheel chocks are also available.

Wheel chock holders can be purchased to keep wheel chocks accessible and readily available. To provide added safety measures, signs can be purchased stating that trucks must be chocked when parked.


Model Wheel Chock Width Depth Chick Height
SC-8 Extruded Aluminum 7 8 11.625
WC-5810 Molded Rubber - Black 10 5 8
811-7 Urethane Rubber - Orange 7.375 8.25 11.375
88-8 Laminated Rubber 8 8 8
68-9 Molded Rubber - Black 9 8 6
10' CHAIN ATTACH 10' Chain With Hanger 0 10 0
12' CHAIN ATTACH 12' Chain With Hanger 0 12 0
15' CHAIN ATTACH 15' Chain With Hanger 0 15 0
SS1014 SIGN Safety Sign 14" 10"


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